Carbide Thermal Spray Coatings

  • Wear resistant hard facing materials
  • Typical thickness of 0.003” to 0.012”
  • Extremely hard coating materials
  • Very dense.
  • Smooth coatings of typically 80 microinch Ra as sprayed finish
  • Outstanding adhesion with HVOF-applied coatings generally 10,000 psi bond strength
  • Applied by HVOF (preferred) or Plasma Spray.
  • Hard Chrome plating replacement candidates
  • Can be ground to a 15-20 µin Ra surface finish, or superfinished to 5 µin Ra.

Common Coatings:

  • Tungsten Carbide (WC/Co)
  • Chrome Carbide (Cr3C2/NiCr)

Our Advanced Coatings Enhance the Performance of Your Parts.