Abradable Thermal Spray Coatings

Our Advanced Coatings Enhance the Performance of Your Parts.

  • These coatings are used in gas turbine engines for clearance control. As the rotating assemblies and blades heat up and cool down, they change in size because of thermal expansion. Manufacturing the assemblies to achieve close clearances during operation is difficult. The solution is to add a thick clearance control coating to the housing. As the blades rotate and heat up, they abrade a path through the abradable coating making a near perfect fit groove to run in. This close fit provides low leakage around the perimeter of the blades.
  • This specialized coating must be soft enough to abrade away as desired. Yet tough and heat resistant enough to last for the long run.
  • Ni-graphite, NiAl-Bentonite, Nickel-Aluminum, Aluminum Silicon-Graphite, AlSi-Polyimide, AlSi-Polyester are common abradable coating materials.
  • Can be tailored for low temperature or high temperature environment.