BryCoat PVD Coating Solutions

Our Advanced Coatings Enhance the Performance of Your Precision Components.

BryCoat is the leader in high performance thinfilm hard coatings. BryCoat PVD Coatings, Featuring Titanium Nitride (TiN) and Chromium Nitride (CrN) coatings can improve performance of precision parts in many applications. BryCoat PVD Coatings are thin film, physical vapor deposition, vacuum-deposited coatings of ultra-hard ceramic materials.


About PVD Coatings

  • Thin film coatings (few microns)
  • Ultra-hard ceramic materials
  • Inert Surfaces
  • Moderate Temperature process
  • Not a pure line-of-sight process
  • Extreme adhesion from BryCoat PVD process
  • Not just mechanical adhesion as in plating
  • Dense, fine grained coatings
  • High energy Cathodic Arc process
  • Extremely high ionization rate
  • Ion acceleration to substrate provides reaction energy
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to plating technology.

PVD Coatings Typical Physical Properties Chart

Use PVD Coatings for:

  • Wear resistance
  • Fretting/Galling/Sticking
  • Environment/Corrosion
  • Cryogenic to high temperature applications
  • Wear resistance on precision components
  • Adhesive wear
  • Smooth operation of moving components
  • Sliding wear
  • Low friction
  • Hold sharp edges and corners
  • Non-stick, easy release
  • Cavitation erosion prevention
  • Inert, biocompatible surfaces
  • Conductive – does not oxidize
  • Non-reactive surface
  • Erosion resistance