BryCoat Quality

You can count on BryCoat for the highest level of quality and consistency available in the coatings industry. Quality and customer focus are the top priorities in everything we do at BryCoat. BryCoat is proud of our reputation as the quality leader among coatings suppliers.

ISO-9001 Registered

BryCoat is a registered ISO 9001. ISO is the International Organization for Standardization or International Standards Organization. ISO-9000 is the generic term for the set of standards for quality management systems starting with “9000”. This set of standards is used by businesses to ensure manufacture of quality products. ISO-9001 is the standard that applies to BryCoat as a manufacturing company and provider of precision coating services.

BryCoat is registered to the current version of ISO 9001. Our registrar is Perry Johnson Registrars.

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AS9100 Registered

AS9100 or AS-9100 is the aerospace industry version of the ISO-9001 standard for quality management systems. This standard contains the entire ISO-9001 standard plus additional requirements needed for aerospace industry suppliers. One of the important features of AS9100 is the resurrection of some critical elements from MIL-Q, the military specifications that were shelved when ISO 9000 first came on the scene.

The AS Quality standard started with SAE International’s American Aerospace Quality Group (AAQG), who published the SAE Aerospace Resource Document (ARD) 9000, in 1996. This document was replaced by the AS9000: Aerospace Basic Quality System Standard in 1997. AS9000 was based on input by a number of large aerospace prime contractors. Subsequently, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Aerospace Technical Committee (TC) 20, in association with the AAQG in the U.S. and the European Association of Aerospace Industries (AECMA) in Europe and other countries such as China, Japan, Mexico and Brazil, developed a quality system standard for use by aerospace companies. Development of the standard was supported by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG). In late 1999, AS9100 was published. It was released as in the United States as AS9100, in Europe as PrEN 9100 and in Japan as the Society of Japanese Aerospace Companies (SJAC) 9100. AS9100 was released as revisions AS9100A and AS9100B.

BryCoat is registered to the current standard of AS9100. Our registrar is Perry Johnson Registrars. PJR is accredited by ANAB (formerly ANSI-RAB) to register aerospace suppliers to AS9100.

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Nadcap Accredited

Nadcap is a global industry-managed standards-setting program for aerospace, defense and related industries. Nadcap provides accreditation of special processes to suppliers of most of the worlds OEM aerospace companies. Special Processes are manufacturing processes that are traditionally hard to quantify by measurement, such as welding, heat treating, coatings, and chemical processing.

Nadcap (formerly NADCAP, the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) is administered by PRI (the Performance Review Institute), a not-for-profit organization created by SAE (the society for engineering of mobility systems on land, sea, air and space) and is headquartered in Warrendale, Pennsylvania.

Nadcap accreditation is applied separately to each special process that a vendor performs. Requirements are detailed and specific. They can be much more presciptive than the quality system requirements of AS9100 and ISO-9001. The requirements for each special process are defined by a team of representative from the major aerospace prime contractors that make up the Nadcap membership.

Nadcap process assessment and certification ensures that all requirements are identified, documented and recorded prior to starting the order. Furthermore it assures that critical aerospace part processing, inspection and testing are conducted per documented procedures, and essential data recorded, stored and furnished per specification and PO without exception. This is done by performing rigorous and in-depth job audits following parts from receiving through final inspection.

For BryCoat customers that are not in the aerospace industry and do not require Nadcap accreditation, the fact that our processes are Nadcap certified indicates that our processes and quality systems meet the highest standards available in the industry, and that procedures, documentation and testing are all in place to maintain controlled processes and documented results.

BryCoat holds Nadcap accreditation for the following processes: PVD Coating Thermal Spray Coating Dry Film Lubricant (WS2) Coating Removal Metallurgical Laboratory

BryCoat has now achieved Nadcap Merit status. Merit status extends the interval between audits and is widely acknowledged as an endorsement of a company’s quality performance commitment to its customers.

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BryCoat is an approved vendor for many major OEM’s. Contact BryCoat for specific information on approvals.

Quality Process

  • BryCoat computer system controls customer parts by drawing revision level and specification revision level.
  • Computer controls traveler with all process steps for each customer part.
  • New or revised parts get contract review process.
  • Processes reviewed by engineering, manufacturing, quality and sales departments to ensure that customer requirements are met.
  • Traveler generated to track parts through process steps.
  • Parts processed following defined steps.
  • Witness samples accompany every coating batch.
  • Testing and certification performed for every coating batch.
  • BryCoat’s highly skilled technicians control coating processes.
  • Thorough process control ensures consistent quality.
  • Equipment calibration and preventative maintenance schedules controlled.
  • Witness samples retained from every coating batch for process verification testing.
  • All process variables are recorded for every batch.
  • Lot control available.